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RANlytics supports csv export to third party systems and tools


Cerno is the fastest, easiest to use, most reliable and most cost-effective cellular RF testing solution in the industry, and this new flexible and easily customisable data export utility complements our automated report-generation function to deliver even greater value to Ranlytics’s growing number of customers.  

Easily-selectable RF metrics can now be exported in formats including .xml and .csv and as tab-delimited files that can be imported into third party mapping, reporting and design tools, including iBwave Design, the industry standard for inbuilding wireless coverage planning.

“This flexible and easily-configurable data export function will enable our customers to seamlessly integrate any of the complete set of RF measurement data that our solutions collect easier, faster and cheaper than any other measurement tool in the market with any external system.  Integration with iBwave Design will help our inbuilding design and build customers reduce their time-to-design, and therefore project cost and delivery time.“ said Brad McLean, Ranlytics CTO.

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