Kallo RF measurement device (black)


3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi

Cost-effective continuous RF monitoring.
Your RF network made visible.

Continuous RF network monitoring

Built on multiple patent-pending technologies, Kallo™ is the world's only affordable real-time RF monitor that has been designed for deployment at scale.

Continuously monitor all available 3G, 4G and 5G cellular networks (including CBRS) for up to 8 operators
Real-time actionable insight into the state of all of your critical communications networks
Identify outages and services degradation before your users do
All data recorded is always instantly available
Data can be easily integrated into your existing systems and workflows via our easy-to-use API
Enable a true wireless service assurance function for the first time
Designed to be rugged enough for outdoor use, yet an aesthetic appropriate for an office environment

As Kallo™ is so cost-effective, inconspicuous and easy to install, it can be deployed anywhere that network visibility is important to you.

With Kallo™, you'll know definitively whether any issue or network degradation is occurring as it is occurring, what your users' QoE is, and what your QoS is.

Explore RF network health monitoring

Continuous RF Measurement
now possible

We’ve re-imagined and improved every aspect of RF testing, monitoring and analysis.

Kallo™ is our continuous RF monitoring device that can be installed in any location.

Know definitively what the status of all your wireless networks are in real time

Continuous, real-time monitoring

Eliminate CAPEX with a low-cost subscription model covering equipment, access to data and data analytics tools, support and upgrades


Remain confident that you will always know exactly when and where an outage or service degradation occurs

Complete insight into service availability

Know definitively whether your service providers’ are meeting their service level commitments

Better manage SLA conformance

Monitor all bands for up to 8 cellular operators, without the need for cellular service subscriptions

Monitor all available cellular networks

Integrate monitoring data with your existing systems quickly and easily through our GraphQL API

Easily integrate with your service desk or OSS systems

Verify service availability independently of the service provider and equipment vendor

Independent service verification

Monitor availability of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 Wi-Fi networks.

Monitor Wi-Fi networks

Install Kallo™ monitors within minutes without specialist skills, capabilities or equipment

Easy to install

Eliminate the need for – and the costs of – periodic walk testing to check DAS, small cell system and Wi-Fi network availability

Eliminate periodic walk testing

Monitor P25 public safety radio services required by first responders and emergency service providers.

Ensure that your sites remain P25-compliant and that wireless communications relied upon by first responders and emergency services providers are always available

Monitor P25 services

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