2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and P25

Telco engineering-grade RF measurement
Meet your new work-horse.

Automated mobile channel scanning
and discovery

Normally, a tester requires detailed knowledge of spectrum allocation, and must manually program every channel to be tested. This causes problems when the channel numbers provided don’t match what’s been deployed, and when channel numbers are programmed incorrectly. These issues multiply with 5G, as synchronization signal blocks can be positioned anywhere within the channel bandwidth, and those positions can vary between cells.

CERNO 4.0 incorporates automated channel scanning and discovery to eliminate these very problems. All deployed channels are identified, programmed, and tested – automatically !  At a scanning rate that’s equivalent to – or better than – dedicated scanning receivers.

Testing is now even easier and faster, and channel programming errors are eliminated.

Telco engineering-grade RF measurement

Built on multiple patent-pending technologies, Cerno is the most powerful and easiest to use RF measurement device in the market that can be used for both walk testing and drive testing.

Fully self-contained, with 6 UEs, onboard compute & data storage, and inbuilt batteries supporting continuous testing for up to 10 hours
Compact and weighs just 2.5kg
Simultaneously measure multiple operators' 2G,3G,4G & 5G networks + Wi-Fi
Idle and active testing with easy to use test scripts
10 minute test set up time
QMDL log files
Modular design enables simultaneous testing of up to 18 bands on a walk test and 36 bands on a drive test

Multiple Cernos can be carried in a single backpack.  Three Cernos allows you to test 18 bands and Wi-Fi on a single walk.

After each walk, the logs are uploaded to the Ranlytics cloud and customer-ready reports automatically generated within minutes.

Explore walk testing
Walk testing

Multiple Cernos can be mounted to a vehicle using a standard cargo carrier without the need for any vehicle modifications.  Six Cernos allow you to test 36 bands and Wi-Fi on a single drive.

After each drive, the logs are uploaded to the Ranlytics cloud for storage & analysis using the Ranlytics workbenches.

Explore drive testing
Drive testing

Best in class RF measurement

We’ve re-imagined and improved every aspect of RF testing, monitoring and analysis.

We listened. Cerno is our best in class RF measurement device built on multiple patent-pending technologies to address the many issues and constraints that have impacted legacy test tools for decades.

The highest sampling rates in the industry, paired with the fact that we don’t bin data, gives you the best RF measurement data possible.

Unrivalled data quality

Because Cernos can be easily cascaded, walk testing and drive testing times are dramatically reduced.

Scalability = speed

Because Cerno is so reliable and easy to use, engineers and technicians are no longer needed for testing.

No engineers required


Unlike handsets that can quickly overheat causing inaccurate measurement of 5G networks, Cerno has been engineered to cope with the heat and collect true 5G measurement data.

True 5G testing

With industry-leading reliability > 98%, re-walks, re-drives, and unpredictable delays & costs are practically eliminated.

Reliability matters

Our pay-as-you-go model replaces legacy CAPEX with flexible all-inclusive lease, rental or subscription options.


Cerno seamlessly supports all of your walk and drive testing projects – eliminating duplication, minimising cost, and simplifying training and operation.

Flexible by nature

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