About ranlytics

Ranlytics is an innovative technology company that’s transforming what's possible with the testing, measurement, monitoring and analysis of RF communications networks.

Our reason for being

Over the last twenty years, we’ve seen a transformational shift in the way we use wireless communication technologies.  

And that shift is accelerating.

With the rapid growth of sensor & IoT networks, smart farming & cities, autonomous vehicles – on the ground & in the air, automated manufacturing & mining, and telemedicine & remote learning, there are now many more non-handset devices connecting to cellular RF networks than there are handsets.  

Many of these devices support mission critical, and even life-saving services & products.  

And many are 100% dependant on cellular networks.

So, assuring consistent, high-quality cellular RF coverage everywhere these devices operate is no longer just a matter of customer convenience.  It’s very quickly becoming far more important than that.

And coverage can’t be assured unless it’s measured.  Quantitatively.  As extensively and as frequently as possible.

Sample testing, interpolation, desktop projections and crowd sourced data collection simply won’t cut it.  They can never give you the definitive coverage data you need, where you need it, to understand exactly what’s happening with your RF networks.

And you have to understand what your RF networks are doing everywhere before you can design, engineer & optimise them, and assure continuous high-quality RF coverage and quality.

There had to be a better way . . .

Established 2013

Our story

We founded Ranlytics in 2013 to address this transformational shift.  

And to do that, we had to start by questioning and challenging the way RF networks were being tested, measured and monitored today.

Investing over 7 years in research & development, we’ve developed – from the ground up – a number of entirely new patent pending hardware and software technologies that are designed for the world we live in today, not one that existed 30 years ago.

Our portfolio is built on the 4 pillars of Reliability, Simplicity, Low cost and Scalability.

Our solutions are unique in their ability to realise our goal of

“bringing absolute visibility to RF communication networks, and to make that visibility accessible to anyone that needs it, when and where they need it”.

And the innovation will continue with additional ground-breaking functionality and products that are now in our lab.

Simply put, it’s RF re-imagined!


Keith Sheridan

Chief Executive Officer
Melbourne, Australia

Brad McLean

Chief Technology Officer
Sydney, Australia

David Barker

Vice President of Business Development, Aust + NZ
Sydney, Australia

Peter Papaioannou

Chief Operations Officer
Sydney, Australia

Adam Stott

Chief Financial Officer
Sydney, Australia

Brad Stebbing

Chief Design Officer
Sydney, Australia

Scott Brady

Senior Vice President, Americas
Seattle, USA

Markus Walter

Senior Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa
Stuttgart, Germany

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