Redefining what’s possible with
RF monitoring, measurement and analysis

for Cellular + Wi-Fi

Walk testing
made easy

Cheaper. Easier. Faster
18 bands + WiFi,
all on a single walk

Drive testing made simple

Drive testing
made simple

At scale. Cost effectively
36 bands + WiFi,
on a single drive

RF network
health monitoring

now possible

Cellular + WiFi
All operators, all bands.
Low cost, at scale.

RF drive testing

at every address

engineering-grade data
For all 3G, 4G & 5G bands
Every operator
Multiple times per month

Complete RF testing, monitoring and advanced data analytics

Our unique solutions are based on the multiple patent pending hardware and cloud-based software technologies that we’ve developed.


Cheaper, simpler + faster

We’ve built custom solutions from the ground that revolutionise the collection and use of RF measurement data, delivering speed, efficiency, reliability and simplicity.

things we do

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Why we're different

We’ve re-imagined and improved every aspect of RF testing, monitoring and analysis.

Refusing to accept that the current state is as good as it can be, we created entirely new technologies to solve the many issues that have impacted RF testing, continuous monitoring and data analysis for decades.

We’ve combined these patent-pending technologies with innovative commercial models to challenge conventional thinking, and to better meet customers’ needs.

About ranlytics

We collect complete telco engineering-grade RF measurement data and make it easy to use by both technical and non-technical users.

Simplifying the complex

Faster testing + no need for skilled technicians + zero time spent on reporting + shorter data analysis + zero CAPEX + zero maintenance & upgrade fees = the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry

Lowest TCO in the industry

Faster data collection & processing means quicker and better decision-making, lower costs, higher end customer satisfaction, and faster time-to-revenue for network builders, integrators & installers.

Eliminating bottlenecks

The highest definition, most comprehensive engineering-grade data available: freeing you from having to rely on interpolations, projections and poor-quality crowd-sourced data.

Replacing guesswork with facts

Replace high up-front equipment purchase, maintenance and upgrade fees with a simple leasing & subscription model that aligns your costs with your revenues.”

PAYG pricing

Eliminate the unpredictability, costs, delays and poor customer satisfaction that’s the inevitable result of unreliable tools.

Reliability, always

Things we do

We’ve brought RF testing and analysis into the 21st century with our unique portfolio of best-in-class solutions.

Walk Testing
Drive Testing
RF network health monitoring
Saturation RF drive testing
RF Network Health Monitoring

Green RF drive testing with zero incremental carbon emissions

We recognise that carbon emissions matter.  So, minimising them is critical.  One of the major benefits of our saturation RF drive testing is that it produces zero incremental carbon emissions.  As our equipment ‘piggybacks’ onto fleet vehicles already travelling existing delivery routes, there are no incremental emissions generated from our measurement of RF networks.  And as many of the fleets operated by our partners are already converting to zero emission, the most comprehensive RF drive testing possible is becoming even greener.

Saturation RF drive testing

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