RF network health monitoring
made possible

We’ve created the industry’s first low-cost RF monitor that can be easily and quickly deployed at scale to continuously monitor the health of all available cellular and Wi-Fi networks.  Helping you ensure service availability and optimal network performance when and where it matters most.

Continuous RF network monitoring

Kallo™ is the world's first affordable continuous RF monitor that has been designed for use at scale.

Kallo™ continuously monitors all available 3G, 4G and 5G cellular networks (including CBRS), together with Wi-Fi, and P25 public safety radio networks using multiple innovative patent pending technologies.

The data recorded by all Kallo™ monitors is immediately uploaded to the Ranlytics cloud for long-term storage, instantaneous analysis and alert generation.  And because data is uploaded over cellular, there is no need to accommodate the monitors within your IT environment, or to provide access through your firewalls.

All available 3G, 4G
and 5G cellular bands
for up to 8 operators

constantly monitored

How we monitor the health of
all your RF networks

We combine Kallo™, the industry’s only single-device RF monitor capable of continuously monitoring all available 3G, 4G and 5G cellular bands for up to 8 operators, plus all available Wi-Fi networks, with rich cloud-based data processing and analysis, and our unique low-cost, zero-CAPEX commercial model

Kallo™ can be easily deployed at scale with one-touch installation, and either monitored through our cloud platform, or, via our API ,through your own service desk tools or OSS platforms

Discover Kallo

Near real-time insight into the health of every RF network

Replace guesswork and subjective feedback about RF network coverage and quality with objective data, and know what the exact status of every cellular and Wi-Fi network is – in near real time.  If there’s any degradation in service, or if an outage occurs, you’ll know, without having to send a technician to site, and without having to undertake a walk or drive test.

Pay-as-you-go, zero CAPEX model

Our innovative commercial model eliminates CAPEX, and expensive maintenance and upgrade fees with a simple, predictable PAYG subscription service arrangement.

Deployable at scale

We’ve ensured that Kallo™ is so cost-effective, and so easy to deploy with our one-touch previsioning, that there are no financial impediments to deployment at scale.  So you’ll be able to continuously monitor the health of all of the RF networks that you rely on.



Plan installations using our platform

Use our portal to plan your installations by easily uploading floor plans and marking the locations at which you’ll install each Kallo™ monitor.  Kallo™ has been designed to look at home on the wall of a boardroom, and is tough enough to withstand hard industrial or mining environments, so there’s really no restriction as to where they can be installed

One-touch device provisioning

Use your installation plan to locate and easily install each monitor, and provision with a simple one-touch process on a smartphone or tablet

No skilled technicians required

We’ve made the installation and provisioning process so simple that no technical skills are required.  It’s so easy that your kids could do it!

Powered via PoE

To minimise installation costs, Kallo™ is powered by PoE, so can either be plugged directly into a PoE-enabled RJ45 port, or into a mains-powered PoE injector.

Continuously measure

Cellular and Wi-Fi

Each Kallo™ monitor is supplied with SIM cards pre-installed, and immediately starts monitoring all available 3G, 4G and 5G bands for up to 8 operators, plus available Wi-Fi networks automatically on power-up.  All RF measurement data is uploaded to the Ranlytics cloud for processing, storage, analysis and access.

24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, indoors and outdoors

Like all Ranlytics products, reliability and resilience were key to the design and engineering of Kallo™ monitors.  They’re built to operate reliably on a true continuous basis, and can be installed wherever you need to monitor RF coverage and quality – be it in the boardroom, or on the factory floor or outdoors at a dusty mine site.

Be alerted to anomalies before they become problems

Set RF performance thresholds that you want to be notified of – such as a drop of 10dbm in RSRP or Wi-Fi RSSI, or a change in PCI, or a change of 10dB in SiNR – and Kallo™ will automatically generate alerts if any of your threshold conditions are met. You’ll know about network degradations or outages before your users or your customers do!



Action the data


All measured RF data is uploaded to the Ranlytics cloud for long-term storage, processing and analysis.  So, at any time, and from any web-connected device, you can quickly scroll back to determine exactly what was happening with each of your monitored networks at any point in time.

Powerful API

Alternatively, you can import the raw RF measurement data stream into your service desk, Building management system or operational support system to analyse the data there, and integrate it with other measurement data and your existing workflows.

Monitor multiple sites at once

With our intuitive web GUI you can easily see what’s happening across your entire fleet of Kallo™ monitors with a quick glance at a map-based dashboard; and then quickly zoom in on any monitor showing an alert condition.

How we compare

Legacy tools
Number of bands monitored
All available bands
Integrated wi-fi testing
High cost capital expense
Discrete minimal enclosure
Low cost OPEX expense
Deployable at scale
Skilled technicians required for set-up
Easy to plan out installations

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