Saturation RF drive testing
for the first time

RF drive testing at every address, all year round.

We’ve built the industry’s first zero touch, fully autonomous RF test data collector that can be installed on fleet vehicles to automatically drive test entire cities, regions, states or even countries. This is done multiple times per month, collecting complete QMDL log file measurement data for all operator’s 3G, 4G & 5G bands and all for zero incremental carbon emissions.

engineering-grade data
3G,4G & 5G bands

for every operator

How we drive test every address
automatically, multiple times per month

To augment this ground-breaking data collection capability, we’ve developed an integrated suite of cloud-based data processing, long-term storage, querying and analysis tools that both engineering and non-technical users can use to quickly and easily access, and draw value from the datasets.  Another industry first from Ranlytics!

And our innovative commercial model replaces traditional CAPEX + maintenance fees + upgrade fees + expensive operational costs with a simple, predictable and all-inclusive subscription service arrangement.

Eliminate reliance on interpolation, desktop projections and poor-quality crowd sourced data with instantly accessible, objective engineering grade RF measurement data; and replace guesswork with definitive knowledge.  At the lowest unit cost in the industry.

The only carbon neutral
drive testing solution on the market

Ranlytics’ saturation RF drive testing is the only drive testing solution on the market that is truly carbon neutral. Our measurement equipment ‘piggybacks’ onto fleet vehicles already travelling existing delivery routes, there are no incremental emissions generated from our measurement of RF networks.  And as many of the fleets operated by our partners are already converting to zero emission, the most comprehensive RF drive testing possible is becoming even greener.



Fast installation on any vehicle type

Installation of the small, lightweight, single-box Lura™ data collector is simple, with only a single connection to the vehicle’s power supply required.  And with the rapid adoption of private LTE and private 5G networks in everything from industrial complexes and campuses to defence sites and mines, we built Lura™ to be robust and reliable enough to be installed on practically any type of vehicle.

Zero-touch provisioning

Once physically installed, there’s nothing more to do as Lura™ auto-provisions on first power-up.  Installation couldn’t be simpler!

Remote management

Lura™ devices are remotely managed via an intuitive web console, making it as simple to administer an entire fleet as it is a single unit.

Zero-touch operation

Fully autonomous

When Lura™ senses vehicle movement it automatically switches on and commences RF data collection according to the latest test configuration that was automatically downloaded and applied.  

All RF metrics – down to Layer 3 if required – are collected in industry-standard QMDL log file format.

Nobody needs to interact with Lura™ at all after the initial installation – it’s truly 100% autonomous!

Persistent, fault-tolerant data storage

As with all Ranlytics solutions, Lura™ is built on patent pending highly-resilient hardware and software architectures.  Test configurations, and all log files are stored persistently in our proprietary internal fault-tolerant data store, ensuring that you never lose more than a few seconds of test data if power fails suddenly or is accidentally disconnected.

Data fully processed and available on the day of collection

Test configurations, and all log files are stored persistently in our proprietary internal fault-tolerant data store, ensuring that you never have to re-configure, and never lose more than a few seconds of test data if you run out of battery power, or a rare fault occurs.



Easily action data


All measured RF data is uploaded to the Ranlytics cloud for long-term storage in our proprietary patent pending datastore.  In another industry first, all drive test data ever recorded – even by many thousands of Lura™ devices – is retained and instantly available for querying, visualisation and analysis.

Our unique data querying tools allow RF engineers to build libraries of personal data queries that can be executed against your entire datastore at any time, with results being processed and displayed in seconds, even across an entire country!

So, at any time, and from any web-connected device, you can quickly compare selected metrics at locations of interest from different points in time – within seconds.  

Engineers can now easily and quickly see the results of network and optimisation changes on the same day that the change is made, without the need for costly and time-consuming drive tests.

Quickly access & export QMDL logs

All original QMDL logs are retained within a log file library in our datastore, and all measurement data is cross-referenced to the source QMDL file.

So, locating the raw QMDL files that correspond to the data returned from your query on our cloud platform is as fast as clicking a drop-down menu on our engineering workbench GUI. You can then export the logs for off-system processing and integration with your existing workflows.

It’s no longer necessary to struggle with time-consuming and resource-intensive indexing, managing, finding, accessing and processing historic log files.  The Ranlytics datastore does it all for you!

One source of truth – for engineering and non-technical users

In another industry first, we’ve made engineering grade RF measurement data as easily accessible via our cloud to non-technical users as it is for experienced engineers.

Whereas engineers have full access to all log file data down to Layer 3, together with powerful querying, visualisation, graphing and analysis tools, non-technical people can access an easily-understandable subset of the same data through a highly intuitive GUI.  It’s so easy to use that almost no training is necessary.

Sales, marketing and customer service can now see coverage for any operator at any address, and easily compare coverage by operator anywhere of interest.  And because these queries run against the very same quantitative data that your engineers use, you have a single source of truth about coverage and benchmarking across the entire organisation – further increasing your ROI, negating the need for poor quality crowd sourced data, and eliminating the problems arising when your engineers and your business users use different data sources.

Higher quality coverage and benchmarking drive test data at every address, updated frequently and instantly available to the entire organisation, at the lowest cost in the industry.  It’s RF re-imagined!

How we compare

Other tools
Number of bands per drive
12 - 24
Integrated wi-fi testing
99%+ reliability
Integrated management of scanners
Zero CAPEX pricing
Instant access to all of the drive testing data you have ever recorded
Easily ccompare coverage by operator, technology or band
True and correct measurement of 5G networks
Quickly identify network changes over time at any address

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