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Ranlytics introduces the industry’s first mass-deployable, low-cost continuous RF network monitor


Ranlytics today announced the launch of Kallo™, the industry’s first mass deployable, low-cost continuous cellular and Wi-Fi RF network monitor.

Monitoring macro, DAS, CBRS, private-LTE and private 5G RF network coverage and quality, and knowing definitively whether service has degraded, or an outage has occurred is becoming increasingly important as these networks become more mission-critical by the day.

However, continuously monitoring multiple operators’ networks to gain that insight hasn’t been possible.  Particularly at scale.  Until now.

Kallo™ is a small, inconspicuous monitor that can be deployed indoors or outdoors.  It looks at home on the wall of the boardroom, and is tough enough to withstand hard industrial or mining environments where heat, moisture and dust are present.

All operators’ 3G, 4G and 5G networks, together with all Wi-Fi networks can be continuously monitored.  All RF measurement data is uploaded to the Ranlytics cloud for processing, long-term storage and analysis, or for export to a customer’s service desk or OSS platform for off-system analysis.

Screenshot of the Ranlytics Kallo™ workbench GUI showing continuous monitoring of the received power levels of multiple LTE networks.

Kallo™ provides you with real-time insight into exactly what’s happening with each of the networks on which you rely.  You’ll know about network degradations or outages before your users or your customers do!  

And because all measured data is stored long-term in the Ranlytics cloud, you can, at any time and from any web-connected device, quickly scroll back to determine exactly what happened with any of your monitored networks at any point in time.

As with all Ranlytics products, reliability and resilience is fundamental in Kallo's™ design and engineering.  They’re built to operate reliably on a truly continuous basis, and can be quickly and easily installed wherever you need to monitor RF coverage and quality.

We’ve ensured that Kallo™ is so easy to deploy with our one-touch previsioning, and so cost effective with our zero-CAPEX pay-as-you-go subscription model that there are no financial impediments to deployment at scale.  

Ranlytics CEO, Keith Sheridan says that KAPPO represents a much-needed revolution in understanding critically-important RF network coverage.

“RF communication networks are complex, and are often deployed in environments that change frequently, with significant consequences for RF coverage and quality.  

Until now, the only way of knowing with certainty what the current state of a given network is has been to measure it – typically by walk testing or drive testing.

But that legacy approach is expensive and time-consuming, and it fails to give network owners, operators and users the immediate insights that they need.  Particularly when these networks are mission-critical, supporting healthcare delivery, sensor networks, automated manufacturing & mining, smart cities and smart farming, and the like.

Kallo™ addresses that need.  It’s easy to deploy cost-effectively at scale, to support true RF service assurance for the first time.  

We’re very proud to have introduced another much-needed and ground-breaking solution at a time at which RF communications networks are becoming even more critical.”

CTO of Ranlytics, Brad McLean highlights how important ensuring high-quality RF coverage is becoming; and how Kallo™ plays a critical role in doing so.

“The industry has focused on minimal user experience testing of RF networks using handsets for too long.  Meanwhile, not enough is known about the extent or the quality of basic RF coverage.  And it’s that RF coverage that’s truly important to the delivery of the many services that now rely on wireless connectivity.

That’s exactly what we’ve built Kallo™ to do – provide that continuous insight into what’s happening in the RF domain.  And to do so widely.  So that operators and owners can assure coverage and respond to issues quickly.”

Replace guesswork and subjective feedback about RF network coverage and quality with objective data, and know what the exact status of every cellular and Wi-Fi network is – in near real time.  It’s RF re-imagined!

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