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Ranlytics has a new look!


Some big things are coming

The ranlytics team is thrilled to announce the next phase of our company’s evolution, with a refreshed brand identity that includes a new logo, website and colour scheme that we’re launching today.

Since we founded our company in 2013 we’ve developed numerous patent pending technologies that form the foundation of true next generation RF testing and data analysis solutions that are solving our customers’ long-standing issues, at the lowest price points in the industry.  

Those development efforts continue to bear fruit with new, even more revolutionary solutions that we’re about to bring to market that will deliver even greater value to our customers.

So, we felt that the time was right to refresh our brand, and our web site to mark this milestone.

Our new logo reflects a more modern look that captures our singular focus on testing, measuring and analysing RF networks in entirely new ways.  It’s RF re-imagined!

And our new and (significantly) improved web site provides more, higher quality content that’s both engaging and more intuitive to navigate.  It’ll make it even easier for customers, partners and others to learn about our entirely new approach to RF testing and analysis, and to stay up-to-date with our unique solutions.

While this brand refresh is a significant change, the core beliefs on which we built our company haven’t changed at all.  Everything that we do is built on the 4 pillars of Simplicity, Low Cost, Reliability and Scalability, and on our willingness to challenge conventional thinking to deliver the best data, with the best functionality and the best ROI.

We would certainly like to hear from you with any thoughts, requests, or compliments you may have about the new ranlytics.  If you enjoy social media, please connect with us.  And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Huge thanks in particular go to our talented Chief Design Officer, Brad Stebbing for the creativity, effort, and energy that he’s dedicated over the last few months to making this rebranding a success.

We hope that you like our company’s new ‘clothes’ as much as we do !

And look out for some exciting announcements from us very soon . . . .

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