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Elmar Toime joins the Ranlytics Advisory Board


Ranlytics is delighted to announce that Elmar Toime has joined Mike Wright on our Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board works with Ranlytics' management team to help shape and guide the company’s strategy, go-to-market plans and highly innovative solution roadmaps.  

Elmar has many decades of global experience in the postal sector, including nearly 10 years as CEO of NZ Post.  He was also Executive Deputy Chair of Royal Mail and a member of Deutsche Post DHL’s Supervisory Board for 10 years.  He is currently a non-executive director of Qatar Postal Services Company..  He is based in London.

Elmar’s deep knowledge of the postal industry, and his extensive relationships with postal providers globally will materially assist Ranlytics as it seeks to build on its existing partnerships with providers such as Austrian Post to deploy ground-breaking widescale mobile coverage and quality measurement and mapping solutions.

When asked about taking on an advisory role with Ranlytics, Elmar said:

“I am very pleased to join Mike as a member of Ranlytics’ Advisory Board. The opportunity for the postal sector here is significant.  For minimal operational effort, the extensive last mile resources of national postal operators can earn new revenue streams and contribute to improve the performance of cellular networks.  It adds to the ongoing relevance of the universal service obligations of Posts in delivering and improving communications infrastructure.   ”

Keith Sheridan, Ranlytics’s co-founder and CEO said:

“Elmar is tremendously knowledgeable about the global postal industry, and about how many postal providers are evolving their operational models.  We’re absolutely thrilled to have Elmar as part of the Ranlytics team, and to be able to benefit from that knowledge, and his deep relationships throughout the industry globally.  We’re firmly committed to revolutionising the mapping of mobile coverage everywhere, and to delivering the benefits of unparalleled coverage data to telecommunications operators, to regulators & other government agencies, and to customers that now depend on access to wireless networks to power IoT, sensor networks, smart farming & manufacturing, remote health care & education delivery, autonomous vehicles and the like.  Our Advisory Board is critical to our ongoing success, and Elmar will help ensure that we continue to challenge conventional thinking and embrace ideas that will improve outcomes for our customers, and our partners globally.”
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