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Correios de Portugal (CTT) and Ranlytics announce program to accurately measure mobile network coverage and quality


CTT and Ranlytics announce that CTT will deploy Ranlytics’s unique patent-pending mobile coverage measurement devices on its mail delivery vehicles in Lisbon to accurately and frequently measure the quality of coverage of all MEO, Vodafone and NOS 3G, 4G and 5G networks.  

The resulting mobile coverage maps will be the most accurate available anywhere in the world, and will identify every area impacted by poor service coverage.  That information can then be used to rectify coverage issues, improving service for all subscribers.

Detailed street-by-street coverage information will be accessible to both telecommunications engineers, and – for the first time – also to non-technical users in local and state governments, businesses, and other organisations for which mobile network coverage is critical.

Ranlytics CEO, Keith Sheridan said that the detailed coverage information is the much-needed “missing link” in improving mobile coverage.

“Mobile phone networks are very complex, and the quality of coverage can vary over very short distances.  Homes on one side of a street may have good quality coverage, while their neighbours on the other side of the same street experience poor voice call quality and low mobile data speeds.
All mobile phone companies do their best to optimise coverage everywhere, to ensure that all subscribers experience the best possible service.  But, network coverage is very difficult to predict, and the only way of knowing for certain what the coverage is in a town, or on a road, or at a particular address, is to measure it at each of those locations.  And measuring coverage that extensively is just too complex and expensive.  
The combination of CTT’s unsurpassed fleet and Ranlytics’s unique technology is the answer.  We’ll be measuring coverage of every network at every business and residential address, multiple times a month, with an accuracy of 1 metre.  This data is the “missing link” that will help mobile operators, the telecommunications regulator ANACOM, and others to understand exactly where coverage issues exist, and how to rectify them quickly and economically.”  

Rui Jorge Santos, CTT’s Product Manager for B2B Solutions sees the measurement of mobile phone network coverage as being a natural extension of CTT’s core services.

“Leveraging our nationwide fleet to help collect information that will be used to improve telecommunications within Portugal is a natural fit for CTT.  
Not only will this information help improve telephony services for consumers and businesses, but it will be critical in helping to digitise our economy by ensuring that mobile data coverage can support smart farming, automated manufacturing and smart cities and towns.
We are looking forward to working with Ranlytics to deploy this exciting solution throughout Portugal.”

About CTT: CTT is the fully privatised national postal service of Portugal, and through its subsidiaries, provides banking, e-commerce, and logistics services. Learn more at

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