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3 selects RANlytics for complete drive testing of Denmark


RANlytics today announced that one of Denmark’s leading mobile operators, 3 has chosen RANlytics for country-wide drive testing of Denmark.  As part of 3’s RAN Swap project, RANlytics will drive test the entire country before and after radio transmission equipment is swapped to ensure mobile coverage quality is maintained, or improved.

RANlytics will also systematically measure all other Danish mobile operators’ 3G, 4G and 5G networks during the test, providing the most detailed and extensive insights into mobile network coverage ever seen in Denmark, or anywhere else in the world!

The measurement data will be available to engineers to support network optimisation, design and operations; and to definitively locate blackspots, micro blackspots and areas or poor mobile coverage.

In another industry-first, the coverage information is also accessible in a simplified form via an intuitive map-based web browser interface to organisations other than operators – including government agencies and commercial organisations – that are interested in understanding mobile network coverage, and to people without engineering or telecommunications knowledge or skills.

“We selected RANlytics simply because their unique technology and model will give us the best possible insight into our network coverage.” said Stefan Ring Støhrmann, Head of Radio Network Operations at 3.  ”The RANlytics data analytics platform and advanced reporting capabilities will enable everyone in our organisation to easily access the best measurement data available in Denmark, which will ultimately help us to improve service to our customers.”

“RANlytics is pleased to have the opportunity to support and work with 3 – one of the leading mobile operators in Denmark. Together we will improve the performance of 3’s mobile coverage, and provide a future-proof platform to continue monitoring and benchmarking 3 networks.” explained Markus Walter, RANlytics’s SVP EMEA.  “We are providing 3 with the best-in-class and most cost-effective coverage testing and analysis solution in the market.  RANlytics supports mobile technologies, from 2G to 5G, in line with operators launching more services more quickly than ever before.”

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