Faster, more reliable Walk Testing


Simplified setup and testing with higher quality results and immediate, fully-automated reporting

Cerno from RANlytics is a complete, fully-integrated next generation walk-testing system.

We combine the industry’s most reliable and easy-to-use test device with a custom-built backpack that for the first time completely eliminates the effects of body absorption of RF on test results, and a flexible, fully-automated reporting system that produces comprehensive management-grade reports before the walk-tester has left the site.

Walk-tests can be set up and performed up to 3 times faster than is possible with legacy tools, with 98%+ reliability eliminating re-walks almost completely.

Higher quality walk-test data plus higher productivity with no re-walks and no reporting time.  All at lower cost.  Only with Cerno from RANlytics.



in the time required to complete walk tests, including generation of high quality, comprehensive reports

25% - 40%


in the cost of a walk test



in the time your engineers have to spend creating reports

Walk testing challenges

Walk-testing has always been complex, time-consuming, unreliable and costly; and testing often delays system design, installation work and project acceptance.  

Reliability issues make it prone to faults, and equipment complexity means that experienced engineers are required for setup and testing. Typically, 20% of walk-tests performed today require a second site visit to collect data that wasn’t initially collected because of undetected equipment faults & issues.

Legacy testing equipment remains expensive to buy, operate & maintain.

The bulk and weight of legacy test gear slows down walk-testing and results in fatigue, and even in injuries to walk-testers.  Both the health & well-being of your personnel, and your productivity suffer.

Then, the post-processing of log files and subsequent manual and time-intensive collation of data and preparation of reports consumes even more time and cost.  Walk-testing with legacy equipment burdens your skilled RF engineers, increases your costs, impacts your project delivery time & your time-to-revenue, and lowers your team morale.

Next generation walk-testing with CERNO

Nearly 7 years of research and development have been devoted to ensuring that Cerno addresses each and every one of the issues and constraints imposed by legacy test tools.  Issues and constraints that have impacted your business and cost you both time and money for far too long.

With our custom-built and highly reliable Cerno RF test collectors and integrated cloud-based processing and reporting system, walk-tests are far simpler and quicker.  

Test preparation and setup time is dramatically reduced.
Tests can be conducted on locked bands, or by floating across available bands, and a comprehensive scripting engine supports concurrent call and data testing.
UX tests including downloading from & uploading to specific sites such as FaceBook, and video latency testing with sites such as YouTube are fully supported.
Sampling rates are higher than alternative systems – so you get higher quality test results with smoother transitions on plots.
Floor plans are auto-associated with log files to eliminate matching errors.
Inbuilt batteries support up to 8 hours of continuous testing of 6 bands.
Each Cerno unit tests up to 6 bands and weighs 1.5kg (less than 3 ½ lb).  A complete walk testing kit capable of fully testing 18 operator-band combinations in a single pass, inclusive of the Cerno backpack, weighs 10kg.  And because the Cerno backpack evenly distributes the weight over the tester’s back, fatigue, pain and the likelihood of injury are substantially reduced.
The Cerno backpack has been engineered to completely eliminate the effects of body absorption of RF – another industry first from RANlytics.
Because Cerno is so scalable, you can test all operator/technology/band combinations in a single pass.
Cerno’s robustness & reliability almost entirely eliminate follow-up site visits to collect missing data.
Log files are uploaded to the RANlytics cloud for immediate post-processing and report generation.  
Comprehensive customer-grade reports are built according to pre-defined templates and are available within minutes.
Reports are fully customisable and can contain plots, statistics and even auto-generated KPI tables.  In fact, complete reports can be produced while the walk tester is still on-site.
All RF metrics and network parameters from layers 1, 2 & 3 for all technologies and bands are recorded directly from the Qualcomm chipset
Complete RAN testing, including coverage, data quality, voice, interference, noise, overshooting, pilot pollution, serving and neighbouring cell metrics, etc.
Supports all wireless technologies, including CA, 4x4 MIMO and VoLTE

Benefits with RANlytics

Faster, more reliable Walk Testing

Walk-testing with Cerno is faster, simpler and more reliable than any alternative.

Tester productivity is significantly improved, and the ergonomics of the Cerno walk-testing kit reduces fatigue, pain and the likelihood of injuries.

Fully-automated reporting delivers complete customer-grade reports within minutes and eliminates the need for engineers to manually build reports – further improving productivity and job satisfaction.

Experienced testers are able to test 2 or even 3 sites in a single day with Cerno versus 1 to 2 days per site with legacy tools.

Faster walk-testing, with higher quality results produced more quickly with instantaneous reporting and better productivity and ergonomics.  All at lower cost than is possible with any legacy walk-testing tool.


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