Real-time Detection
of rogue cellular transmitters


Protect against IMSI catchers and cell spoofers

The threat from illicit use of rogue cellular transmitters is growing rapidly.  Tools that were once only available to security agencies and police forces are now readily available and inexpensive.  Voice calls, text messages and data exchanges can be intercepted, users tracked and malware inserted onto handsets – by criminals, terrorists, competitors and other actors.

To counter these rogue transmitters, you must first find them, and quickly.  Doing so at scale and at reasonable cost has not been possible.  Until now, with Stratus RTD from RANlytics.

Stratus RTD is small and inconspicuous, operates continuously and autonomously, and requires no intervention or active management.  It automatically detects the activation and location of any rogue transmitter, instantly and in real-time.

Protect cellular communications and users against rogue transmitters.  Cost-effectively and with zero CAPEX with RANlytics’s cost-effective subscription model.  Only with Stratus RTD from RANlytics.


of rogue transmitters detected

within a minute of operating



Locate and track to within five meter proximity


completely automated

detection and alerting



24/7/365 Continuous monitoring

The growing problem of IMSI catchers

Traditionally, IMSI catcher and Stingray technologies have been exclusively available to law enforcement authorities. Masquerading as cellular transceivers, they can intercept mobile telephony traffic, track users, and eavesdrop on calls, text messages & data exchanges.

However, now that such devices have recently become readily available to criminals, terrorists and other actors, the need to quickly and automatically identify that a rogue transceiver has been activated, to locate it and flag a warning is rapidly becoming critically important to security and police forces, government agencies and the like.  Doing so at scale and at reasonable cost has posed significant challenges.

RANlytics continuous monitoring

The Stratus cellular RF monitor from RANlytics is the industry’s first and only low-cost, continuous real-time RF monitoring platform. Stratus can be deployed at scale both outdoors and within buildings to continuously protect sensitive areas such as government facilities, airports, embassies, defence facilities and the like by mapping and locating all cellular transceivers, both legitimate and rogue, and generating alerts within seconds of a new device being activated.

Benefits with RANlytics

The RANlytics Stratus solution is completely automated and runs seamlessly in the background performing high resolution scanning operations. This provides continuous, real-time monitoring, 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Cloud-based monitoring allows for status updates and rule-based alerts to be sent directly to specified users.

Unique to RANlytics

Automatically Generated Reports

We immediately upload log files to our cloud for instantaneous post-processing, and fully-automated generation of management-quality reports in MS Word, complete with plots and tabulated results.

Robust and easy-to-use Cerno data collectors eliminate need for skilled testing personnel – tests can be undertaken more quickly & frequently and at lower cost

Tests can be confirmed to be correct & complete before tester leaves site – eliminating multiple truck rolls and lowering cost

Fully integrated & automated reporting produces final reports with plots, tables & statistical calculations within minutes of test completion

Faster testing & reporting, delivering higher productivity at lower cost

Our unique subscription-based services model eliminates CAPEX and significantly lowers your OPEX costs


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