Rich Visualisation
Reporting and Analytics

for technical and non technical users

Better insight into higher quality data for both technical and non-technical users – when and where they need it

From the outset, we understood that collecting higher quality RF test data in innovative, low-cost ways wasn’t sufficient, and that the many long-standing problems that have impeded users’ ability to access and work with the data easily and productively also had to be addressed.

We have solved these issues with our next generation cloud-based data processing, storage, visualisation and analysis system, and intuitive web-based GUIs that we call workbenches.

Immediate access to all RF test data ever recorded through intuitive role-specific GUI workbenches that give both technical and non-technical users the tools they need to extract more value from RF testing than has ever been possible.  All at the lowest per-unit costs in the industry.  Another industry first, only available with next generation data processing and analysis systems from RANlytics.


of test data retained

and instantly accessible

15 minutes


after upload to generate Complete Management grade reports

The full value of RF test data has never been realised

The problems plaguing the processing and analysis of RF test data have persisted for the last 20 years.

  • Log file post-processing is slow, resource intensive and costly – creating bottlenecks in your workflow and severely constraining the value that you can derive from test data.

  • Retaining test data and making it available for instantaneous time-based change analysis has been next to impossible – meaning that easily verifying the effects of changes to your RAN by comparing RF coverage and quality data has been difficult to achieve.

  • Easily comparing different networks at a given location, and doing so over time as those networks have changed hasn’t been possible – severely limiting your ability to know with certainty how your networks compare to one another, and how your networks compare with those of your competitors.

  • Providing meaningful information derived from RF test data to non-technical users such as marketing teams, sales groups, customer service agents and executive management has required manual generation of reports – meaning that your whole organisation isn’t able to realise benefits from timely access to information that is critical to your business.

  • Reporting has been reliant on manual generation – absorbing valuable engineering time and people, and failing to provide the flexibility that your business requires in today’s hyper-competitive and constantly-changing landscapes

Unique to RANlytics

Automatically Generated Reports

We immediately upload log files to our cloud for instantaneous post-processing, and fully-automated generation of management-quality reports in MS Word, complete with plots and tabulated results.

Robust and easy-to-use Cerno data collectors eliminate need for skilled testing personnel – tests can be undertaken more quickly & frequently and at lower cost

Tests can be confirmed to be correct & complete before tester leaves site – eliminating multiple truck rolls and lowering cost

Fully integrated & automated reporting produces final reports with plots, tables & statistical calculations within minutes of test completion

Faster testing & reporting, delivering higher productivity at lower cost

Our unique subscription-based services model eliminates CAPEX and significantly lowers your OPEX costs

The business users’ workbench provides non-technical users with easily-accessible benchmarking data, and analysis tools that allow them to independently gain the insight they need, when and where they need it.

Unlocking the value of your RF test data for TECHNICAL and NON-TECHNICAL users

Secondly, both technical users and non-technical users had to be able to intuitively work with the data they needed when they needed it – data access had to be democratised.
RANlytics has based our next generation data processing and analytics platform on 3 core requirements.First, all test data every recorded had to be retained permanently, and be easily searchable and instantly retrievable – by anyone who required it, when and where they needed it.
Thirdly, comparisons between different data at given locations had to be quick and easy to make – to support engineers needing to verify the results of network changes, and business users needing to quickly respond to changes in the market with targeted marketing and sales campaigns.
Fourthly, easy-to-use tools that allow users to easily and quickly gain actionable insight into vast amounts of test data had to be available to all users, both technical and non-technical, that needed that insight.
The RANlytics cloud-based data processing and analytics system seamlessly integrates our high-performance data processing engine with a custom-built cloud database capable of storing petabytes of data and providing millisecond data retrieval times.  Our suite of web-based GUIs then provide instantaneous access to all of that data to whoever needs it, whenever they need it.For the first time, all performance and benchmark test data is easily and instantly accessible by everyone in your organisation needing it.
Our intuitive map-based workbenches allow anyone to start at a city, state or even country level, zoom in to any location required, or start by entering a specific address, and quickly retrieve the information they need.
The engineering workbench provides engineers, planners and technicians with complete visibility into the entire set of LTE, UMTS and GSM network parameters and user experience metrics that they need.  Data recorded on different tests at different times can be compared, quickly and simply, giving you the ability to compare network changes over time.  Combined with frequent saturation testing, this allows technical users to quantitatively verify how network and environment changes have affected coverage and quality down to the individual address level.  Another industry first from RANlytics.
Even more value can be derived from these comprehensive datasets by combining network coverage and quality data with third party demographic data, geo-spatial data, marketing information, etc.  And we make it easy to realise that value with an API allowing data integration.We are now working on extending the RANlytics analytics capabilities to revolutionise your support & maintenance delivery, radio planning and targeted marketing initiatives.  More information on these developments will be coming soon.  
With the powerful custom query builder, each user can easily build a library of queries that can be run on the data.  And the report generator can build customer-grade reports quickly and easily.
300 millisecond retrieval time of any data from multi-terabyte RF test data sets

And that’s only the beginning.

The engineering workbench provides RF engineers and technical users with access to all of the network metrics and parameters they need, and a set of powerful analysis tools that surpass legacy tools.

Benefits with RANlytics

Rich Visualisation Reporting and Analytics

Powerful data processing, visualisation, reporting and analysis is fully integrated with our Cerno drive and walk-testing systems and Stratus continuous monitoring platform – eliminating the need for expensive 3rd party post-processing tools.

All test data ever recorded is stored persistently and always available for instantaneous retrieval and comparison.

Customised GUI workbenches allow both technical and non-technical users to easily access, work with, and derive value from test data.Industry-leading tools provide engineering and technical users with deeper insight into more data than has ever been possible.

Non-technical users can easily & quickly find and understand what’s important to them, and what your customers’ experience is at any given location.Marketing professionals can better plan localised campaigns that reflect a clear understanding of where competitors’ network coverage is weak; whilst a salesperson can rapidly assess your network coverage at their customer’s facility before a sales call.

The value of your RF test data is finally fully realised with next generation data visualisation, reporting and analytics from RANlytics.  All at lower cost than is possible with any legacy test tools.


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