Saturation Drive Testing at lower cost


Quantifiable test data at every address location with faster, more frequent and higher density drive testing that eliminates the need to interpolate

Cerno from RANlytics is a complete, fully-integrated next generation drive-testing solution that enables frequent saturation testing of large areas using entirely new collection methods for the first time.

We combine the industry’s most reliable and easy-to-use testing hardware with permanent retention of, and instantaneous access to, all drive test data ever recorded and a flexible, fully-automated data processing, visualisation and analysis system that makes relevant data available to any user, where and when they need it.

Combining fully-autonomous testing with 98%+ reliability, Cerno data collectors can be deployed on motorcycles, delivery vehicles, and even drones to collect complete engineering-grade RF test data more frequently from larger areas.  We call this saturation testing.  

And to improve your testing ROI, we make relevant test data easily accessible to both non-technical users such as marketing teams, sales people and customer service groups as well as technical users such as engineers and radio planners.

Saturation testing coverage with all test data always instantly accessible by both technical and business users.  All at lower cost.
Only with Cerno from RANlytics.


of roads tested

with RANlytics’s saturation testing approach




operator-band combinations

fully tested in a single pass

99% +


eliminating re-runs almost entirely

Up to



in tested distance covered per day





in the cost of drive testing

Drive-testing challenges

Collecting and processing macro RF performance & benchmarking data and distilling actionable information from it has always been difficult, time-consuming, resource-intensive & costly.

Testing as extensively and as frequently as you would like is limited by the high cost of legacy test equipment and post-processing systems, the need for skilled RF engineers to perform tests, the time taken to post-process test data, and equipment complexity and reliability issues.

Poor reliability means that, typically, 20% of drive-tests undertaken today require a re-drive to collect data that wasn’t initially collected because of undetected equipment faults & issues.

Reliability, complexity, resourcing and cost issues mean that today, you have no alternative but to sample test, and then interpolate.  And that compromises coverage, quality and customer experience.

Then, once you’ve collected drive test data, the limitations of traditional RF data processing systems make it difficult for engineers and non-technical users to access the information they need, when they need it.

Drive-testing with legacy equipment burdens your skilled RF engineers, increases your costs, gives you insufficient quantitative test data forcing you to interpolate and guess, and doesn’t provide all parts of your organisation with the actionable data that they need, when they need it.

Next generation drive-testing with CERNO

We’ve devoted nearly 7 years of intensive research and development to ensuring that Cerno addresses each and every one of the issues and constraints imposed by legacy test tools.  Issues and constraints that have impacted your business and cost you both time and money for far too long.

With our custom-built and highly-reliable Cerno RF test collectors and integrated cloud-based processing, visualisation & analysis system, you can easily saturate test large areas for the first time, do so faster, and provide everyone in your organisation with immediate access to higher quality data.  With Cerno, your testing is more effective, and your ROI increases substantially.

All RF metrics and network parameters from layers 1, 2 & 3 for all technologies and bands are recorded directly from the Qualcomm chipset
Complete RAN testing, including coverage, data quality, voice, interference, noise, overshooting, pilot pollution, serving and neighbouring cell metrics, etc.
Supports all wireless technologies, including CA, 4x4 MIMO and VoLTE
Dramatically-simplified test preparation and scripting means that setup time is dramatically reduced
Cerno units can operate autonomously if required – enabling entirely new use cases such as drive testing on motorcycles or bicycles, and drone testing
Tests can be conducted by locking onto bands, or by floating across all available bands, and a comprehensive scripting engine supports concurrent call and data testing
UX tests including data throughput testing on specific sites such as FaceBook, and video latency testing on sites such as YouTube are fully supported
Sampling rates are higher than alternative systems – so you get higher quality test results with smoother transitions on plots
Because Cerno is so scalable and reliable, more operator/technology/band combinations can be fully tested in a single pass
Simplified operation and 99%+ reliability means that testing can be conducted without skilled RF engineers or technicians – further reducing your testing costs
Output can be provided in industry-standard QMDL or DLF log files if required
Alternatively, log files can be uploaded to the RANlytics cloud for immediate post-processing, permanent data storage and instantaneous retrieval, visualisation and analysis
Non-technical users can easily, quickly and independently generate management-grade reports using our powerful reporting engine
Intuitive map-based data interfaces for both technical and non-technical users support querying and analysis of performance and benchmarking data, and instantaneous comparisons between multiple data sets recorded during different tests – another industry first

Unique to RANlytics

Automatically Generated Reports

We immediately upload log files to our cloud for instantaneous post-processing, and fully-automated generation of management-quality reports in MS Word, complete with plots and tabulated results.

Robust and easy-to-use Cerno data collectors eliminate need for skilled testing personnel – tests can be undertaken more quickly & frequently and at lower cost

Tests can be confirmed to be correct & complete before tester leaves site – eliminating multiple truck rolls and lowering cost

Fully integrated & automated reporting produces final reports with plots, tables & statistical calculations within minutes of test completion

Faster testing & reporting, delivering higher productivity at lower cost

Our unique subscription-based services model eliminates CAPEX and significantly lowers your OPEX costs

Benefits with RANlytics

Saturation Drive Testing at low cost

Drive-testing with Cerno is faster, simpler and more reliable than any alternative.

Log files are processed by our cloud-based fully-automated post-processing engine within minutes of upload – or you can process the raw QMDL log files with your existing processing tools.

All drive test data ever recorded is stored permanently in our custom-built cloud database and can be located and retrieved within seconds.

A complete engineering GUI provides RF engineers and technical users with access to more metrics than have previously been available, and powerful new analysis tools that make querying and working with the data easier than ever (See Reporting and Analytics for more).

An intuitive non-technical GUI gives non-technical users direct and immediate access to benchmark data and the metrics they need, when they need it; and to simple visualisation tools that allow marketing departments, sales teams, customer service agents and others to drive more value from your drive testing than has ever been possible (See Reporting and Analytics for more).

RANlytics’s unique subscription-based services model eliminates your CAPEX and significantly lowers your OPEX too

Saturation testing, with higher quality results, produced more quickly with higher productivity and actionable information made available to both technical and non-technical users.

All at lower cost than it is possible with any legacy drive-testing tool.


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