Continuous Real-time Monitoring


Identify anomalies and service degradation in cellular RANs - immediately

Stratus from RANlytics is the industry’s first and only low-cost, mass-deployable continuous real-time cellular RF monitoring platform.

Augmenting traditional drive and walk-testing, Stratus is completely vendor-agnostic and supports real-time service assurance for in-building systems including DASs, and macro networks – another first from RANlytics.  

Stratus provides operators, regulators, network integrators & installers, building owners, tenants and others with real time insight into customer experience at important sites such as tenanted buildings, shopping centres, airports, stadiums, and office parks.  Up to 8 SIMs can be installed in each Stratus monitor – so you can identify service-impacting issues on all bands for up to 8 MNOs and MVNOs.  In real time.

Continuous, real-time visibility into the state of your RF networks with immediate alarming when any anomaly or service degradation occurs.  All at low per-unit cost.  Only with Stratus from RANlytics.


of anomalies, outages or service degrading issues

identified immediately



between detection of an anomaly or service degradation and auto-generated alert


of bands monitored

for up to 8 MNOs and/or MVNOs tested continuously per Stratus unit

Disconnected Feeder

DAS backbone feeder disconnected from main DAS segment

Wi-Fi Interference

Wi-Fi antenna installed next to DAS antenna causing possible PIM issues

Cage installed after DAS blocking coverage

Storage cage built around DAS antenna after DAS installation, blocking coverage

Blocked Coverage

Cable tray built under a DAS antenna after DAS installation blocking coverage and causing PIM

Fit-outs blocking coverage

Newly-installed shop fitout blocking antenna coverage

The challenge of quickly detecting RF coverage issues

Many issues impacting macro RF networks and in-building systems can go undetected.  Issues such as repeater faults, misaligned antennas, misconfigured amplifiers, and DAS installation problems that disable couplers, cables and antennas.

The result is compromised or even no coverage, poor customer experience and SLA’s not being met. These issues can only be identified by drive or walk testing the area or site.  And given the problems with traditional testing tools and methods, these coverage and quality issues can persist for months, or even years.  Operators are blind to the problem, while tenants, customers and subscribers suffer degraded communications access.

Monitoring cellular RF networks continuously and in real time is the answer, but hasn’t been possible to date.  And particularly not at the scale and cost required by cellular operators, service providers, neutral hosts and site owners & managers.  

These challenges have only grown worse with small cell and expanding in-building DAS coverage, and will worsen further as 5G architectures are introduced.

Continuous, real-time monitoring with STRATUS

Over 5 years of development has culminated in the Stratus monitor.  Stratus augments our next generation drive and walk testing solutions with the industry’s first and only low-cost, real-time continuous multi-band cellular RF monitoring platform.

Stratus units are small and inconspicuous, being roughly equivalent in size and weight to a typical domestic smoke detector.  They can be installed indoors, or outdoors in IP67-rated enclosures – ideally at the ratio of 1 Stratus monitor per sector.  Power can be supplied via power over Ethernet (PoE), which reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for expensive mains supply, or by mains AC or low voltage DC.

Stratus give you real-time visibility into the performance of all bands for up to up to 8 operators concurrently on passive or active DAS, of repeaters, and of macro networks – irrespective of RAN equipment or vendor.  

With Stratus, you always know definitively what your customers’ QoE is, what your QoS is, and whether any issue or network degradation is occurring – as it’s occurring.  Stratus enables you to implement a true service assurance framework for the first time.

Each Stratus unit supports up to 8 SIMs, allowing you to continuously monitor all bands for up to 8 MNOs and/or MVNOs
Thresholds can be easily set for individual bands, and for individual Stratus units or for entire fleets through the intuitive web-based Stratus GUI administration workbench
The workbench combines map and site plan views to allow you to easily set alerting thresholds, and quickly identify locations of sites with degraded performance or outages – as they occur
Email alerts are auto-generated if parameters hit the preset threshold values you’ve set
All recorded monitoring data is retained permanently in the cloud-based Stratus system – so that you can analyse changes in selected parameters over time
Deployment is easy, fast and inexpensive
With Stratus, periodic walk tests of strategically important sites such as tenanted buildings, airports, shopping malls, sports stadiums and the like are no longer necessary
Implement true service assurance frameworks for the first time
Move from reactive problem-fixing to proactive management, and reduce outages, customer perception problems and costs in the process

Unique to RANlytics

Automatically Generated Reports

We immediately upload log files to our cloud for instantaneous post-processing, and fully-automated generation of management-quality reports in MS Word, complete with plots and tabulated results.

Robust and easy-to-use Cerno data collectors eliminate need for skilled testing personnel – tests can be undertaken more quickly & frequently and at lower cost

Tests can be confirmed to be correct & complete before tester leaves site – eliminating multiple truck rolls and lowering cost

Fully integrated & automated reporting produces final reports with plots, tables & statistical calculations within minutes of test completion

Faster testing & reporting, delivering higher productivity at lower cost

Our unique subscription-based services model eliminates CAPEX and significantly lowers your OPEX costs

Benefits with RANlytics

Continuous Real-time Monitoring

Continuously monitor the performance of both macro networks and inbuilding systems in real-time with Stratus Obtain real-time visibility into the performance of all bands, and be notified in real-time when outages, equipment failures or service degradation issues occur.

All monitoring data ever recorded is stored permanently in our custom-built cloud database and can be located and retrieved within seconds.

A complete GUI workbench provides you with the ability to easily manage individual Stratus units or entire fleets, and to rapidly locate and identify the cause of any service-impacting issue (See Reporting and Analytics for more).

RANlytics’s unique subscription-based services model eliminates CAPEX investment, and provides you with a complete all-inclusive monitoring solution, inclusive of maintenance, support and upgrades for a single affordable subscription fee

Affordable continuous, real-time cellular RF monitoring of cellular RF networks at scale

Only with Stratus from RANlytics


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